Day 1


This marks my official first blog and the beginning of an adventure. For all those who’ve decided to follow me, Thank you. Head over to my about page if you’re unsure who I am or why I am writing.

I’ll start with saying Happy New Year! 2014!

Let’s not fuck around with resolutions this year… By that I mean no rules of “don’t do x,” or “do x, but not y” etc. They don’t work! Don’t believe me? Look at the last couple years… Attain anything by making a new rule? Phat chance. Instead let’s resolve to be better! by 12/31/2014.. no matter what it takes!… and all it really takes is a simple recognition of what’s most important to you. This could be Lookin Good Naked (as my friend refers to it) or bettering some aspect of your life (work, school, the gym). To achieve this, simply make an attainable goal that will result in being better. Non of this “I will take the stairs everyday” or “I will eat better”… NO GOOD… If the “being better” is lookin good naked, make the goal “I will run X number of miles by March”. This is an attainable goal that will help result in being better. REMEMBER,  The key thing, is it being important to you, or else naturally you won’t give a damn.

As for me? I keep a continuous set of goals all the time, and make new ones as the previous are achieved.

That being said! I do have some goals I’ve wanted to start for a while now. What better time to start then today! Starting today I want to Complete 1, 000, 000 meters on a Concept2 by the end of the year.

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