What’s Wrong With Your Muscle-Up…

I love Crossfit. It is the best thing that has happened to; me, a hell of a lot of people, and the fitness industry…

It has its faults unfortunately. But it’s nothing we can’t start changing! The big fault is the bastardization of some gymnastics movements… specifically the muscle up.

A muscle-up is basically a transitional movement where one starts from a hang position on rings or a bar and lifts one’s own weight to above the ring or bar in a support position.

Sounds easy?… it ain’t

What’s the problem? Simple
…  People are trying, and worse being encouraged to try, this movement without the fundamental strength, co-ordination, and technique required. People figure “hey that looks easy, lets flop around on the rings and ill throw myself up and hope for the best”… what happens?
1. They somehow make it and it looks like shit
2. Fail, time and time again (eventually with injury) or;
3. Get made fun of and wonder why some people don’t take Crossfit seriously

The muscle-up is difficult and requires more then meets the eye… This is why im reaching out to ask people to help our sport out! Let’s build a better reputation for Crossfit!

And ill start by telling everyone what’s stopping them from being able to look like Sean Lind or Camille Le-Blanc up on the rings…

What you MUST do to finally get a proper looking, beautiful muscle-up is… Stop trying to do one.

There are a boat-load of progressions available for the muscle-up… master every single one, without even considering to try a muscle-up… take 2months off from trying, and DO the progressions… over and over until its perfect! If for any reason during the 2months you decide to try, realise you just took 3steps back…

The key thing is to stay at the progression you’re at until you can do it… dont pick and choose because you like this one or the other one, you’re on a progression for a reason and just trust it… if the progressions are 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and you can do 1, 2, 5, and 8… I dont care how perfect your “8” is, you are on 3 and staying there.

This goes with all kinds of Crossfit movements… almost every movement you seem to be struggling with can be fixed simply by you no longer trying to do the movement, and instead going to basics to progress much faster…

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