The Truth about Isagenix

They come in shakes, meal replacements, bars, chocolates, soups, and teas to name a few. There’s also lines of vitamins, skin care and beauty care products – too numerous to mention. The people who talk about it claim it changed there lives, but then again, they’re making money off it…

Before I start please keep in mind that I have EVERYONE’s best interest in mind, I’m not trying to bash or be hurtful. To avoid argument, I will only use facts instead of my usual opinion.

I’ve been training at a high level for the last 3 years so naturally I’m a sceptic of anything like this. I eat real food, you know bacon and eggs, simple stuff but I train my ass off. If this stuff is so good why the hell have I never even considered buying into this? The answer is easy; I’ve done my research… I took some boxes and empty canisters out of the garbage and read everything I could on there website/brochures. Here is what I found 🙂

What is it/Quick Facts?
• The weight loss and “cleanse” programs retail for anywhere from $150-$700 just to get you started.
• Some shakes sell for $54 for 14 packets.
• The IsaLean Shakes (meal replacement) products are all natural, full of herbs, vegetable powders and root extracts to name a few. You’ll find everything from broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, pumpkin, seeds, quinoa, and millet in the shakes.
• The IsaLean Soups (squash) for instance has so many ingredients, my eyes went out of focus just trying to read them, but at least they are “natural”. In comparison, my squash soup recipe has 4-5 ingredients: squash, chicken or vegetable stock, salt, pepper and maybe some red pepper or other spice. My soup is all natural, just a little easier on my body.

• The “Cleanse” product and “Fat Burning System” claims to help moderate calorie control on Shake Days. (Oh yeah – you’ll also abstain from food on Cleanse Days YIKES!)
• Cleanse products support the body’s natural ability to “remove toxins” (whatever that means) and impurities.
• The Cleanse product contains a powerful natural laxative in aloe vera leaf gel.

The Conclusion

The Pros
• It’s natural.
• It may jump start a weight loss program.
• It may cleanse your colon.
• It may give you more energy.
The Cons
• It’s a “diet” with supplements.
• Supplements include cleanse, shakes, bars, soups, snacks – that you pay a lot for.
• A diet is calorie restrictive – and anyone can lose weight on a calorie restrictive diet if they follow the plan. The problem occurs when you get off the plan and start eating “normal” then you’re screwed because you haven’t learnt how to EAT properly
• Isagenix keeps you in their program, by convincing you that you need their shakes (at least once a day) as a meal replacement for maintaining your weight and energy. This makes it just like Slimfast or Shakeology or other “one a day shake” plans. No different with the exception of being way more expensive!

My research?

I took the time, as you should too, to read the “shake day guidelines”. Read the fourth bullet: “Engage in an exercise program with both aerobic and resistance training” Well no SHIT! Exercise by itself, without any additional supplements will help facilitate weight loss, optimize health, feel younger, and have more energy. What the fuck are the shakes for?

Anyways, read the fifth bullet: “Drink plenty of water” OMG, water is a natural diuretic and will help you loose weight, feel less bloated, and will help remove toxins naturally from your body, without the use of supplemental products. Open your eyes people, I’ll tell you this information for free instead of paying roughly 400$/month.

Next I read the “Path to Success” note: Bullet point #3: they give you a tape measure to measure results. Remember, if you’re drinking a lot of water (natural and FREE detox/cleanser) and you’re exercising, you’ll see results without supplemental products. Bullet point #4: Buy healthy foods and remove unhealthy foods and snacks (including sodas and foods with artificial sweeteners and other junk foods) from your home. If you do this alone, you’ll see results, without supplemental products. What are you paying for people, come on 😦

So, what’s the conclusion? You don’t need this product. NO ONE NEEDS this product to lose weight, have more energy, be healthier, and/or feel younger. Save your money, please god save your money. You simply need to stick to a plan that includes the following natural and free things:

1. Eat healthy foods.
2. Avoid unhealthy foods.
3. Drink plenty of water.
4. Exercise regularly.

THAT is the secret pill, simply those 4 things, this is NOT an opinion, it is FACT.

One thought on “The Truth about Isagenix

  1. Nina

    Totally agree with everything you wrote! Thank you for confirming my opinions on Isagenix. I have been in the health industry for almost 20 years and this is basically an illusion. The product quality is low compared to the price imo. Good write!

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