So How Bout Dem CrossFit Games!?

Ahhhhh, finally here. Although i’d much rather be writing this blog in a hotel room in California while I’m rolling out on a foam roller prepping for a “Muscle Up Biathlon” and OVH Squat. And even more wishing that this post was about me and my fellow competitors at the CrossFit Games… It’s not… Maybe next year… For now this will be all about my favorites at the Games and who’s going to win…



OMG Norcal Crossfit is one hell of a team! Take a bunch of athletes we’ve all loved from day one, who are all beasts, but maybe have just not had the stars line up these last couple years… Toss em into a team and you have Norcal CrossFit minus Mikko :'(, except he’s from half way around the world… ANYWAYS. This team is solid, there are teams with stronger numbers and absolute strength, but the skill level and capacity of Norcal Crossfit trumps the “strength” teams. They want it, and i think they will have the Cup next Sunday. Boom Shaka Laka



Sooooooo hard to choose. In most cases the female side of CrossFit supersedes the male side in terms of competitiveness and how close the point spread will be. It’s a shame Sam Briggs is out, however there are so many strong and amazing female athletes that I don’t think her absence will leave a hole at all!

I have to pick my favorite Annie Thorisdottir! My god is she cool! I believe The CrossFit Games this year is will be far more “CrossFit” then we are accustomed to see at the Games. Castro will be going back to basics; couplets/triplets/skill/lift. Annie got a lot of harsh from the open but you have to realize that Annie trains for Regionals/Games not the Open. She wants her title back, and I think she has it… Except. I can’t leave out Julie Foucher, she is Back! Both these athletes are incredible and will stand out among the rest, 1st and 2nd will come down to these two and a small point spread. PUMPED!



Josh Bridges. That is all.

But seriously, everyone is saying “oh he’s too small, he’ll never take it”. Bullshit! This guy is the best CrossFitter in the world (yes some of the heavy shit can affect him), but he will take several 1st places and I really think he will stand among the top! Of course im not leaving out Rich, Jason, Ben, or Hobbart, I just really really really really like Bridges, he’s the man!



It will be a crazy CrossFit Games! EVERYONE who qualified for the Games is amazing, but it takes something indescribable to win… Few have it… Only one will show it this week.

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