15.5 Prediction

Holy Handstands! 15.4 brought us a new movement in a wicked way… EVERYONE wanted handstand pushups, until they came up.

People seem to define themselves through their movement, “but I’m a good squatter!”, “skipping is my jam!”, “but I have the best wallballs in my gym!”… People fail to define themselves through their capacity. I believe that Dave Castro wanted to exploit this and show people what they need to work on, that’s what the open is for!

Everyone wanted handstands because they’re good at them right!? Castro said, “ok here ya go” and made a workout consisting nearly 90% of handstands for 8min… Awesome. Hopefully everyone who didn’t do as amazing as they thought they would, will focus on their capacity in certain movements, not just how “good” they are at them…

On to 15.5!!! 3 WICKED ladies going head to head to head… GAHHHHH I cant wait!! It’s going to be for time, its going to be tough, and its going to be amazing to watch on Thursday night…

15.5 Will be (probably not)


60 Cal Row

21 Thrusters 100/80

30 Box Jumps

15 Thrusters 100/80

15 Burpee Bar Muscle Up

9 Thrusters 100/80

Also predicting shuttle runs but not sure how they fit yet…


Well that was wicked! My 2 favorite movements (wall balls, muscle ups) and some old school skipping! On to week 4, regionals is tight this year so the open is messing up training. Usually it’s just 1 and done, but this year everything has to go as planned. I’ve only had to redo 15.1/15.1a but the anticipation of possibly having to redo takes up time. Non the less I’m excited for regional prep.

15.4 WILL BE!

For Time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (increasing weight)


Hang Cleans

Shoulder to OVH

Probably not… but still, Bridges will win.

15.3 Prediction

Hey everyone! Happy “nearly” 15.3 and a shout out to Joe Johnson who crushed 15.2 and its his birthday today.

15.2 was nothing super special or exciting, but it’s always awesome to redo a workout and see how incredibly good CrossFit is. 14.2 is becoming the new Fran and its an amazing test of fitness… 435! Josh Bridges! My man, crazy.

15.3, it’s too easy to say “pistols/double unders” so I’m not. If Castro ever gives a hint, it’s always easy, then we’re blown away when he thinks of something we didn’t.

Here it is.

8 min Amrap:

30 Double unders

5 x 8 meter shuttle run

20 pistols

5 x 8 meter shuttle run

This sticks to his clue but then throws in something we didn’t expect. We’ll all know in just a few hours! 🙂

15.2 Prediction

15.1/15.1a Here and gone… MAN the open goes so fast.

Thoughts on 15.1/15.1a, brilliant workout! This wod tested how well you (as an athlete) knew your body and ability. The wod also kicked the open off with a 2 scored event, which really helps a lot of competitors. The worst is when week one is done and athletes that should be at the top already have 100 points because of 1 rep, you then have to wait till week two for the leaderboard to level out. This year, the board is nice and level 🙂

Moving on to the next week, 15.2…… 15.2a?

I don’t think so… I think last week showed us a new concept and we’ll be going back to classic CrossFit for 15.2… I hate that everyone thinks it’s going to be handstand pushups because I wanted to guess handstand pushups! But here is what I think will be 15.2:

7min AMRAP;

10 Double under

4 Handstand Pushups

20 Double Under

8 Handstand Pushups

30 Double Under

12 Handstand pushups

40 Double Under

16 Handstand pushups

50 Double Under

20 Handstand Pushups

Week 1 was too easy on the lungs, week 2 we’re really going to have to work. Engine, engine, engine…