15.3 Prediction

Hey everyone! Happy “nearly” 15.3 and a shout out to Joe Johnson who crushed 15.2 and its his birthday today.

15.2 was nothing super special or exciting, but it’s always awesome to redo a workout and see how incredibly good CrossFit is. 14.2 is becoming the new Fran and its an amazing test of fitness… 435! Josh Bridges! My man, crazy.

15.3, it’s too easy to say “pistols/double unders” so I’m not. If Castro ever gives a hint, it’s always easy, then we’re blown away when he thinks of something we didn’t.

Here it is.

8 min Amrap:

30 Double unders

5 x 8 meter shuttle run

20 pistols

5 x 8 meter shuttle run

This sticks to his clue but then throws in something we didn’t expect. We’ll all know in just a few hours! 🙂

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