Super Regionals, and What’s Next

So the CrossFit Regionals has come and gone once more… Another crazy year of training, and a new endeavour up and coming. Its moments like this when I really get to see how supportive friends and family are, and every year it blows me away! Anyone who thinks they were even a slight part of this, Thank YOU!

How Regionals went for me:


All my training was going perfect and as planned, my times for trial workouts were on par for top 10 to 15 for most regions. The Sunday before Regionals I was guiding a barbell to the ground when it came back direct on my thumb, dislocating the top knuckle. Ouch. Luckily I have an awesome support crew, cause I was F’n pissed. I didn’t train leading up to Fridays workouts, I just iced and heated my thumb. Come Friday I taped the shit out of my thumb, said fuck hook grip and just enjoyed, probably for the first time, competing.

I thought the new Super Regional was phenomenal! The last couple years the case has been that the first 2 heats are kind of boring, nothing happens, people don’t finish in the time cap, and everyone is waiting to watch the final 2 heats. This was not the case… AT ALL. All 4 heats were crazy, almost everyone was finishing the workouts, people from all heats were getting top 10 finishes… it was awesome.

My biggest highlight of the weekend was meeting CJ Martin. When I started getting serious about being a SAR Tech, I started following CrossFit Invictus/CJ Martin. I’ve followed this “imaginary” guy for years! I took all of his training ideas, and everything he offers to the fullest advantage and it paid off. Being able to meet this person and tell him what he helped me accomplish was incredible. I was losing my shit! CJ was quite humble, and I just told him that he helps people more then he thinks… he seemed quite proud.

I got back to work and BOOM… My occupational transfer offer was sitting at work waiting for me. It’s official! They actually offered me to transfer to SAR Tech… Naturally I accepted. It’s real.


What do I do now?

Time to start studying!!! And of course, training. I’m going to follow SealFit for a little bit, just for variance. My lovely Fiancé is also following SealFit for fun and because we like training together.