Course 49 Update Pre-Med Phase

Hey everyone… I know its been a while since I’ve updated but we’ve been crazy busy. So basically in the last month our course has been to Victoria, Winnipeg, Kamloops, Jarvis, and of course Comox.

The first week of the course we got issued a shit ton of kit, basically every cool piece of equipment you can think of, we got. We also got sized for equipment we’ll get later in the course. This includes custom wet and dry suits for SCUBA.

The first video here is just a couple of us exploring the area and having some fun.

The 2nd week, we went to Winnipeg, Manitoba for high altitude indoc. Basically teaching us how our bodies react to not having enough oxygen. Some good laughs and an interesting enough course we were all eager to see how Jarvis Lake is the 2nd time around… Below is a picture of us in an altitude chamber and our group photo. Also showcased is our course logo, which is pretty bad ass if i do say so myself.


We then headed back to Jarvis Lake Alberta… As some of you might remember, this is where selection was. Everyone was kinda iffy the first hour or so heading into the camp but we quickly realised it would be a lot different. The instructors open this phase with “Welcome Home Gentlemen”… That was awesome.


The Picture left above is us heading in to cross the 750m lake swim with a “casualty”. And to the right; the whole course in Jarvis Lake.

This phase was quite a bit of work. Spent the whole week learning a LOT, and spending all the free time practicing new skills. It was also time to do maintenance on the camp, such as stock all the firewood etc… A very long week.


The 2 pictures above: The left one is me on my groups improvised raft, we went a little overboard and make a propulsion system which yielded a lot of extra energy spent turning the shaft to move the raft… but it worked. The right picture is us driving through Jasper, very nice.

Upon returning to Comox, we had a HUGE task ahead of us. We were expected to learn the CS200 Anatomy and Physiology course content (usually learnt in I think 3months) in 2 weeks, with a 100 question exam at the end. Passing the exam meant we were all able to move on to do the paramedic training. After an intense 2 weeks of studying we all passed. Real medical phase starts tomorrow morning. Yesh!

And lastly, the video below is our “Man Ops” phase, its worth the 3min watch.

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