Here We Go…

Happy New Year everyone! And a Merry Christmas to you and your families.

The fun is just beginning…ruet

Now that the longest phase of the course is done, the blog will be updated more frequently as the phases get shorter and quite frankly way more fun. Don’t get me wrong medical was awesome and a lot of really good knowledge, but there are only so many things i can write about when it comes to blood and diabetes.


So last we left off we were finished medical and off to Nova Scotia for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. That was loads of fun and we all went straight to Christmas Leave. Suppose to be a break… It was crazy! As most of you know, over the break I got married… So 12 people came from England a week early, spent Christmas with my whole family then the wedding. It was awesome! But now back to reality…


I flew back into Comox on Friday, did a bunch of laundry, ran around to buy some stuff I needed, and I’m heading into work this morning… The 49ers will be reunited today, get issued a bunch more kit. And we’re off to Victoria BC for the next several weeks. Dive phase.

I don’t know too much about SCUBA Diving other then what SCUBA stands for… So this will be a very interesting phase. There’s been mixed reports on whether the course is fun or not so only time will tell. I do know that it is January… so it’ll be cold -_-… but im sure they will find ways to “keep us warm”. This phase is run by the Navy instead of run by SAR Techs… it’s a long story… I’ll be updating every phase from here on out.



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