Dive Week 4/5

Dive Phase 4/5 complete… This week was more relaxing then the last few. We were basically done the course and qualified so we did some administration and dove a few times.


As you progress as a SAR Tech you’re constantly upgrading and taking different courses etc. So in 2-3 years time, our course will be back together for a few courses here and there. It just so happened that course 46, I believe, was at the dive school taking their Dive Supervisor course. It was nice seeing some orange again and chatting with some relatively newer SAR Techs. Their course was only a few years ago so its easier to talk about it and avoid the “well back in MY day… etc”.

Because they were on a supervisor course it only made sense to have them supervise us. So most of the dives this week were led by them. Tuesday night we did a Search and Rescue scenario. Typically RCMP would do body recovery from the bottom of a body of water… but you just never know, SAR has been in instances where they had to recover someone. So from 6pm to about 9pm we took turns in teams of 5 doing a line search on the bottom of the ocean… You can’t really see anything so it was pretty difficult, you kind of just feel around…


We only got in 1 fun dive (because we had to help the supervisor course) but my buddy and i managed to catch a pretty big Box crab… saw some neat fish and found an old cannon ball. The rest of the week we did some administration things, took some group photos.

Thursday morning was the “Fleet 5km”. Basically anyone who is available, shows up and its a 5km race. My shins were pretty sore, and there was way too many hills but us 11 took up the majority of the front of the pack (of course with our Pararescue shirts on)… I, incidentally, ran probably my best 5km ever at 19:39… Before the run the guy leading us took us on a Navy ship (the HMCS Vancouver war ship) for a quick tour… We some how made it into the main control room and my buddy Zach quickly pointed at the Captains chair and said “I think I need to sit in this…” sure enough he hoped into the chair, and before his ass hit the finest leather seat in all of NATO “GET OUT OF THAT CHAIR”… oops, he said it felt magnificent.


Above is the sign we made to leave at FDU, we painted the logo in between 2 pieces of plexiglass.


The boat was pretty cool, looks terrible to live in for any period of time longer then we were in there. The rest of Thursday was spent doing a SAR simulated mission task. We were in groups of small dive teams who took a small boat out to search and helicopter crash. Ended up recovering a 200lb dummy from the ocean floor.

On Friday we packed everything up, cleaned everything up, received our dive badge/certificate and we were on our way. The Navy is done with us (thank god) and next week is CSRD (confined space rescue diving) back at the sea school in Comox BC.


Thanks for reading guys, have a good week…..


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