The New Plan

Not too long ago we threw everything we had at an idea. We learned that we hadn’t thrown everything we had; we have more. The SAR Take podcast has begun to accomplish what was set out to do; sharing stories and learning about some incredible people along the way.

“Not everyone wants to become a SAR Tech”

There’s no truer statement. It doesn’t have to be 100% the subject, sometimes it is the principal. Replace “become a SAR Tech” with any goal and you have what we want to help with. There are specific things about becoming a SAR Tech, the paperwork for example, but there are parallels to any goal. Maybe you want to run a marathon, get a university degree, or simply point your life in some direction. We are building a platform that helps with any of this.

There is a gap in Canada we want to fill; Access to real, unaltered, un-bias information about joining the military, obtaining any goal, succeeding in your current career, options for your future career, or exiting the military.

There are recruit centers and you 100% have to seek this resource out but the reality is they have the job of recruiting you; there’s incentive for them. We are the third party, unbiased resource to ensure you make the best decision for yourself. But we are current members! We have real experience with the system and can put context to a lot of the information out there.

Already a member? Awesome! We want to guide you to achievement in your current position or new goals, even personal goals.