Dive Week 3/5

Week 3/5 complete. Only one week left in Victoria in the hands of the Navy… it has been a frustrating few weeks with the Navy. They do things in a strange way and it makes things more complicated… but either way we’re almost there.

Another long week. We swam a LOT!

Monday morning we re did the pt test. 1.5mile run, pushups, situps,  pullups, 1 mile swim. We all bested our previous times. The week started off really well. The clearance diver selection was underway, and since we can’t get in their way the week was promising to be quiet. But it seemed to turn to a week of being messed with and dealing with some annoying things.

Diving was pretty decent this week, finally did some fun diving, exploring the Pacific. Saw some cool fish, couple dudes found a big box crab. Even though we got it, the supervisor navy dude decided to take it… meh. We got a cool pic.


The mornings this week were classroom  and exams here and there. Learned more about diving tables and how to calculate how long you can dive at certain depths ect. We also wrote some physics test and a physiology test.

We swam every morning… Tuesday was a short run that exposed some fatigue and injuries so we swam instead… wednesday was an open water swim, the boat us out to the middle of no where and said “swim back”… Thursday was a “mud run” which had nothing to do with running or mud. We just swam for 90 min. Annnnd Friday we each grabbed a log and took it for an hour swim. Not to mention you fin every time you’re diving… it was a pretty fatiguing week.


Another night dive happened Thursday night. We did a night compass dive. We all taped glow Sticks to our compasses and swam for an hour.

The week ended on a beautiful Friday. Did a fun dive in the morning, ate lunch and cleaned up. We had everything done, everything cleaned, everything put away… ready to leave…… “Akward! Full Gear, ready to dive. GO!”


We had to get fully dressed in dry suits. Go get all of our gear, set everything back up, pull everything back out. Setup tanks, and we did a dive… What?… either way Friday finally came to an end, the gents hung out at our shacks, had a few beer and passed out.

Overall a good week. And one more before we head back into the arms of SAR Techs to do some search and rescue oriented diving. Dive into some capsized vessels etc. We’re excited to get back…

Thanks again guys, until next week…



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